Carriage under customs supervision

customs carrier

Customs requirements are usually the most common problem arising while international carriage. And though customs legislation is not always that complicated, still paper work, as well as inspection procedures and customs clearance charges appear to be quite time-and-money consuming.

Carriage under customs supervision is a way of cargo transportation that requires customs control. Certainly such cargo can be transported by conventional means, but in this case financial guarantee has to be provided to the customs by the Consignor proving customs charges will be settled along with pre-alert declaration processing. You’ll avoid all these formalities and save your time significantly once you turn to GENEX LTD. carriage under customs supervision.

GENEX LTD is operating on the territory of cargo terminal of National airport Minsk (UMMS/MSQ) – the Republic of Belarus air gate. Customs clearance along with cargo picking up and dispatch are performed on-site with no delays and bureaucratic acrimony.