Air cargo carriage

air cargo

2005 was the year when GENEX LTD started developing its own aircraft fleet. Nowadays we are able to provide fastest various cargo delivery with our 2 AN-26’s with maximum payload up to 6 tons.

The aircraft are equipped with an electric hoist with maximum payload up to 500 kg, as well as a separate air-conditioning system that allows to maintain the temperature needed in the cargo compartment. What’s more, our airplanes have a special cargo ramp, which can be sloped down to the ground to load vehicles under their own power.

However, an aircraft itself is not enough to successfully perform air cargo carriage. Well-coordinated efforts for cargo delivery to the airport of departure, confirming paper work and processing are of a vital importance.

That's why GENEX LTD provides full range of the following services:

  • Cargo delivery to/from the National airport Minsk (UMMS/MSQ) cargo terminal from/to our client using GENEX LTD truck fleet. GENEX LTD is ready to offer customs cargo carriage without pre-alert shipment declaration and financial guarantee submission to the сustoms (customs carrier services)
  • Customs clearance and processing;
  • Cargo tracking upon client’s request;

What’s more, we provide full range of services on consolidation, cargo handling and storage, route planning as well as accurate freight calculation, which allows to safe our clients’ time and money. GENEX LTD operates scheduled flights on routes Minsk – Warsaw-Minsk, Minsk – Prague – Minsk as well as broad geography of charter flights.

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